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Virtual Services

Consultations are offered to all providers. From those who have their own ultrasound equipment, to those who have just decided to start looking into what it takes to successfully integrate ultrasound into their medical spa.  

Coaching is for the providers who are looking for a steady but sure way to improve their ultrasound skills daily. Aesthetic Imaging guides you along the way!

Do you have a question while you are scanning? Aesthetic Imaging (a Sonographer) will assist you in using your ultrasound device through a live virtual session. 

Consultations & Coaching - $500/45 min session

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Preventative Care

Preventative services are customized to the specific needs of the clinic. We build a plan that works best for you and your providers.

All customized service pricing and quotes will be given after an initial consultation with each provider or clinic.


If you wish to utilize our services before setting up a customized plan with Aesthetic Imaging, please refer to our services below.

Ultrasound Facial Mapping Pre and Post Injection- 1 patient (up to 1 hour) $700

Ultrasound Facial Mapping Pre and Post Injection- 3 patients (up to 3 hours) $1000

Ultrasound Guidance of Filler Injection- 1 patient (up to 1 hour) $700

Ultrasound Guidance of Filler Injection- 3 patients (up to 3 hours) $1000​

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Complication Care

In the event of a post-injection complication or adverse event, Aesthetic Imaging will assess the complication through Ultrasound Facial Vascular Mapping with Doppler Interrogation.

Aesthetic Imaging will strive to locate the filler that was injected and evaluate the filler’s location in relationship to the surrounding vessels of the face. We will evaluate and scan for signs of a vascular occlusion.


Safely guiding each injector into the pocket of filler that is in need of dissolution, we provide the support you need and a steady hand. Through ultrasound imaging with Doppler interrogation, we can visualize the reperfusion of the blood vessels once the filler has been dissolved.


Ultrasound Guidance/Urgent Complication (up to 1 hour) Local $1200

Ultrasound Guidance/ Non-Urgent Complication (up to 1 hour) Local $700

Training Services

Are you interested in learning how to use ultrasound on your own and become proficient in utilizing ultrasound within your practice? Aesthetic Imaging will bring our knowledge and expertise right to your office. There is no need to travel for one-on-one individualized training.

Do you already use ultrasound in your practice, but you are ready to learn more? Improve and build upon your skill set. We will meet you wherever you are at in the learning process!

Our training is nationally accredited! Medical providers earn up to 8 AMA continuing education credits!

Upcoming Courses and Events 2024

  • Ashland, OR May 31st - JUNE 2nd 2024 - "Head & Ultrasound w/Cadaver" a Julie Medical Aesthetics and Aesthetic Imaging collaboration.  Visit to register.​​

  • Ultrasound in Aesthetics FACIAL ULTRASOUND MENTORSHIP FALL enrollment period opens JUNE 1st, 2024! 

  • PNW Small Group One-Day Facial Ultrasound Training- JUNE 22nd, 2024


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