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Portland Oregon Aesthetic Imaging specializing in Facial Mapping Ultrasound

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Aesthetic Imaging Services 

Based in Portland Oregon, Aesthetic Imaging specializes in Facial Mapping Ultrasound. We use high resolution ultrasound with Doppler interrogation to locate and evaluate facial arteries, veins and other naturally existing structures within the face. Aesthetic injections, such as filler material can also be visualized under ultrasound evaluation.

Aesthetic Imaging’s ultrasound services allow providers to see beyond the skin’s surface and gain visibility into the areas where they are injecting to ensure a more accurate representation of each individual patient’s anatomy.

Whether it be training, preventative or complication care, as Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, we are able to bring ultrasound experience and peace of mind to your practice and to the patients you serve.

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Training Services

Ultrasound training for improved outcomes. Confident facial mapping assessment to better serve patients. On-site and group ultrasound training available. Customized ultrasound training tailored to the experience of the provider.

Virtual Services

Virtual ultrasound consultations are for complication and preventative care. Assistance to providers in visualizing critical anatomy as they scan and treat patients in their clinic.

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Facial Mentorship

A comprehensive ultrasound learning experience over several weeks that includes in-person and virtual training sessions, exclusive resources, a customized implementation plan. Apply now to join us this fall. 

Complication Care

Managing various complications and adverse events, including vascular occlusions, can be advanced
with the use of our ultrasound services.

Our Goal

Aesthetic Imaging Services 

At Aesthetic Imaging, our aim is to enhance the safety of facial dermal filler injections through the use of high-resolution ultrasound to visualize facial anatomy, including blood vessels, and existing or newly injected filler materials. This "inside look" improves the accuracy of aesthetic procedures.


This "inside look" provided by ultrasound helps to increase the precision of aesthetic procedures and allows providers to gain a better understanding of the individual anatomy of each patient they treat.


Our goal at Aesthetic Imaging is to unite with aesthetic providers and work together towards better patient outcomes. Ultimately, the use of ultrasound is here to deliver a higher standard of care!

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